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Having been trained as a traditional silversmith, I have sought to reinterpret my learning and bring the new definition to my idea of jewellery making. I have focused on using non-precious materials for my works, making them precious by their design and detail. My inspiration has come from the quality of contact lenses as they are made of silicone rubber which is a non-precious material. My hope is to change its value by the changing its function.


I believe that everyone wears their own lenses and views the world differently according to their gender, country, religion, family and background. People’s values are formed by their experiences and these factors contribute to their construction of the world.

I have created my own colour shadings in my contact lenses and then used them in my jewellery. I have incorporated various tones of greens, blues and purples. Colour is the most important part of my work and the aim of my work has been to create fluidity in the gradation of the colour. I define my works as delicate with intricate detail. By adding detailed and varied colour to the silicon rubber, the quality of the material has been altered. 

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